Charity Jazz Night

I would like to invite you to my jazz night. Well, you missed it. But still you can still enjoy some good moments of it virtually. So here is my short summary of the jazz night where I was lucky enough to play with my fellow musicians and singers.

My aim with this project was to organise a Jazz night in Cardiff with professional and amateur musicians, make fun, promote music and raise some money to a certain Cardiff based charity. The project aim was to create a musical night (jazz) with both professional and amateur musicians and raise money for a charity who works for those children who have difficulties to access to musical studies. (

Organising and taking part in this project provided me with a fantastic performance and learning opportunity. The project also gave me the chance to learn about various charities in line with musical education and organizations who have provided support for the project.

The project enabled me to obtain valuable connections, publicity and funds in connection with making and providing music with the community for charity purposes.

The event took place on Saturday, 30th April 2016 at 8pm at St Mary of The Angels Parish Hall (63-67 Talbot Street, Cardiff, CF11 9BX.)


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Few photos about the rehearsals and the performance night:


Colab 2016


In this 2016 Colab project we had a large number of participants: Blackfoot people, Composers and musicians. Blackfoot people had their stories to tell and therefor created the atmosphere for the project. Composers were telling their personal experiences about Blackfoot people which inspired them to create the music. The musicians of the project had to understand these stories and collaborate with the group to produce the music with the help of the mentor. It was a challenge to collaborate successfully with the other musicians because of the large number of the participants. Communication and the understanding process were therefore sometimes slow and erratic.

At the end of the second Colab week the project work and the programme were finalised the musicians and the composers were ready for the concert which took place in the Old Royal Naval Collage Chapel on 19th February at 1 pm.


Dress Rehearsal for Colab Project 2016


Blackfoot First Nations People from Canada

Further photos from the rehearsals:

My old friend….. stage fright…..

It is so reassuring to know that I am not alone. Most of the greatest performers suffer from the fear of being in front of the audience. But there are techniques which can successfully reduce stage fright. According to this article I just need to find the suitable solution for me. Well, I think I will spend some time to find the solution… My first step is to read through this article.

How to memorize music five times faster

If you’re like the vast majority of students, you probably have a hard time memorizing music. If memorizing is ever “difficult” or “frustrating”, then you’re doing it wrong. That’s right, memorizing music, or anything else for that matter, is only hard if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Walter Gieseking was a well known 20th century pianist who was said to be able to memorize entire piano concertos (usually over 30 minutes of music) on a plane flight. Was what Gieseking did magical and unexplainable? The answer is no. Science can explain how it was possible, and even make it accessible to other pianists. As you read this article you’ll understand exactly how Gieseking and other major pianists are able to memorize music at a super human rate. It does take patience and diligence, but if you follow these steps, I promise you’ll not only memorize music 5 times faster than you are now, but music will be so well memorized you’ll never have a memory slip again, yes never. Not convinced? Read on! read more…

Mozart and the double bass

Hi guys,

I found an interesting blog article on The Double Bass Blog  about Mozart’s Concert Aria “Per questa bella mano” which was written for bass voice, double bass and orchestra. For many years it was believed that it was not written for double bass at all regarding the technical difficulties of the pieces. But nowadays more and more bassists are able to transmit this aria beautifully so – although I need to improve my technical skills to perform it – it is surely written for double bass.

How would you have thought that Mozart did not understand the technical challenges of playing on a double bass?

Read more: